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Ceiling Repair Kane County Illinois

The Patch Boys will fix the damage to your ceiling and make your home look new again – or better!


The Patch Boys of Kane County can give any ceiling in your home a facelift with a sturdy, reliable and attractive Patch Boys Technicianrepair job that will last for years to come. We use innovative processes to remove stubborn popcorn ceilings, restore water damage from leaky roofs or burst pipes, and repair damaged ceiling plaster. The Patch Boys of Kane County is the premier company in the area that focuses on fixing ceiling problems. We specialize in patches and small repairs, patching holes, cracks, and exposed pipes, as well as repairing or removing popcorn ceiling texture. If you have damage to your ceiling, get started on the road to restoration by calling us for a free consultation today.

The Patch Boys of Kane County can help you fix your damaged ceilings and make them look like new again. We work quickly, efficiently, and effectively to repair the damage and finish your project the right way. Although it may be tempting to ignore ceiling damage, this approach will only cause more damage and lead to more complex and expensive repairs in the long run. It is much better to repair damaged ceilings early on before the problems worsen and the repairs become more cost-prohibitive. If your ceiling has water stains or you notice other signs of damage, The Patch Boys of Kane County can help.

Although ceilings are an often overlooked part of a home, the importance of having dry, clean ceilings is undeniable. When a homeowner has water-damaged ceilings or other ceiling repair concerns, they need to reach out to a reliable company with a track record of quality craftsmanship. The Patch Boys of Kane County offer just that, and can also offer assistance with removing popcorn ceilings in homes throughout the area. Our team is made up of professional and reliable contractors who will take the time to make sure your ceiling problem is fixed right. They will also clean up after themselves, leaving you with a room that looks great, ready to be repainted or patched as needed.


The Patch Boys of Kane County offers the most effective solution for removing popcorn ceilings and restoring beauty to your home. In addition to repairing holes, our team knows how to get rid of those pesky textured ceilings commonly found in older homes across the country. We’ll not only patch the ceiling but completely remove your textured popcorn ceilings so you can enjoy the sleek and modern appearance of smooth drywall or plaster.

We will show you how to transform a dated and damaged ceiling in your home. With decades of combined experience, we specialize in removing outdated popcorn ceilings and giving them a more modern look. Our team will consult with you to determine the correct removal solution for your needs and ensure a perfect, seamless repair that lasts for years to come.

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